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scaffolding system H-type scaffolding system is a widely used scaffolding system for structure facades, which provides a safe working environment and can be quickly erected
and removable and easily stored and it has several advantages thanks to its structure perfectly conforming to the facades.

It can be safely mounted up to 100 m in height.
It assembles and disassembles quickly without the need for hand tools, which saves time.
It is lightweight and can be stacked easily.
It doesn’t cover too much area when stored, which saves space.

Steel decking and skirting are made in a special shape using
machine rolls to ensure they have high strength.

The fixed parts of the system are covered with a hot-dip galvanized coating to protect against

Application Area
It is safely used for construction and restoration projects of houses, hospitals, stadiums, business and commercial centers and for repairing, plastering, painting, coating and l insulation of lift shafts and galleries.

System properties
The operating principle of this system is based on the logic of climbing by overlapping scaffolding frames.

Each module has two horizontal connecting elements, one at waist level and the other at knee level, and they are locked by fixing them with the pins available on each frame.

Two pieces of steel bridges are placed on each assembled floor to create a safe working environment. The hooks of these steel bridges are locked between the frames of the scaffolding and they cannot be removed during the work.

Passage between floors is safely provided by platforms with ladders without the need to install a separate stair tower.

It is possible to reach every point of the facades thanks to side elements, such as bracket, lattice beam and couplers.

The security of the system is completed with an end guardrail, plinths and wall ties.

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Scaffolding, is a variety of temporary supports intended to help workers operate and materials move above ground.

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